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Millard County Real Estate, Land, Ranches and Great Views!

For those looking for ranch land, the area in and around Millard County is a good place to find it. The County is fairly rural, with a population density of just 2 people per square mile. This is a great place to live the quiet life and raise a family in an area with a low crime rate. There are lots of nearby recreational opportunities, interesting history and geology, and beautiful scenery. For those who love outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking, parts of the Fishlake National Forest run into Millard County. Outside of the National forest there are recreation areas with sand dunes for riding off road vehicles, a yearly rodeo, museums, and interesting rock formations like The Great Stone Face.

Building Lots for Sale

If you want to find a building lot, Millard County has a lot to offer. Although about 15% of the economy is based on farming and dairy production, there are a lot of other opportunities as well. Minerals like topaz, geodes, opals, and obsidian are common in this area, as well as trilobite fossils and there are many fossil hunting and digging operations throughout the county. The county is also one of the few sources of beryllium in the world and the mine located in the Topaz Mountains is Americas only developed source for this rare metal. There is also a very large lime mine in the area and a coal power plant that supplies most of the power for Los Angeles. All in all, there are many pillars for the counties economy, which should ensure that it remains strong for some time to come.

Beautiful Desert Lots and Land for Sale in the Area

You will find plenty of options for lots and land for sale in Millard County, which is located in western Utah and shares a border with the state of Nevada. The area is home to the Lon and Mary Watson Cosmic Ray Center, numerous alfalfa and dairy farms, several museums, and was the site of a Japanese internment camp called the Topaz Relocation Center during World War II. Fossils are very numerous in this area and people come from all over to find the trilobites buried here. Overall, Millard County is an interesting place to live and is worth a good look by those who are in the market for lots and land. The rural setting is quite ideal for those who enjoy the quiet life.