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Some news releases in Brown County, Ohio

It’s 26 days until the US presidential election, and Ohio, a crucial swing state, is getting a head start on voting. On Wednesday morning, social media rallied around the early vote-casting with a trending hashtag.

While those voters have made up their mind, others can still be swayed by trending topics such as WikiLeaks and Miss Teen USA, controversies that hit the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaigns Wednesday.

Social Cues is our daily feature on what’s happening across Facebook and Twitter. Here’s what is buzzing on social media:

#OHVotesEarly: Voters are already heading to the ballots in Ohio, one of the 12 swing states that will be critical to the US presidential election. People on Twitter celebrated casting their vote ahead of Election Day with the #OHVotesEarly hashtag. Trump and Clinton have been fighting for the victory in Ohio, a state seen as a “must win for Trump.”