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Land For Sale

Tell Us Why You Love Your Land!

And Get $50 And A Chance To Win An iPad

If you've bought a vacant property from us (
and have turned your dream into a reality then we need your help!

We would love to know what did you do with your property and
how your experience with was?

  • Do you still own your property?
  • Have you sold it?
  • If yes have you made a profit (probably)
  • What exciting things you are using it for?
  • What you love about it most?
  • How easy was it to work with us?

Tell us and we'll give you $50 to put toward your next monthly payment
or towards your next land purchase at

PLUS, you'll be entered to into our drawing to win a brand new iPad!

Simply tell us what you did with your property and why you're so excited about it.

Here's what we're looking for...

  • Record a simple video of you explaining what you did with your property.
    It can be from your smart phone, digital camera, laptop camera, ...whatever you got.
    It doesn't have to be perfect; we just want to see your smiling face.

    Here are some examples of what others have done with their land...

    • We built a dream home.
    • We split the property and sold it as investment
    • We placed a mobile home park on it.
    • We build our hunting cabin we've always wanted.
    • We turned our land into a gun range.
    • We installed RV hookups.
    • We use it as a vacation getaway.
    • The list goes on and on...
  • Tell us why you LOVE owning your property.
  • Upload it to YouTube or Vimeo (it's simple, just go to and click on the "UPLOAD" button on the top right
    - then follow the simple instructions posted there).
  • Copy the link to your YouTube or Vimeo video
    and paste it in the form below so that we can watch it.
  • And complete the rest of the form.

Just for completing the steps above and submitting your details in the form below
you'll get a $50 credit from SunnyLand and you'll be entered to win an iPad.
Go ahead, complete the form - we can't wait to hear from you!

Submit Your Land Story...

(YouTube Instructions)